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Rigging a tube on a Little Pek™ Jig Insider style

Here is a tip: Keep your eyes open at garage sales for old cordless telephone of radios that have the multi-sectioned extendable antennas. These can be broken down to separate sections of metal tubing perfect for hollowing out soft plastics for rattles. Here, I use one for boring the exit hole for the weed guard and also to thread the weed guard into the tube.


But first, bend the wire weed guard so it points forward.


Now, insert the metal tube (or straw) into the back of the bait and punch it through the side wall where the weed guard will exit.


With the bait fully impaled on the metal tube, insert the Little Pek Jig weed guard into the metal tube. The tube will guide the wires towards the exit hole as you slide the jig head into the bait.


Once the head is inside the bait the metal tube can be removed leaving the wires sticking through the side of the bait. Continue to work the jig head up until it is all the way to the head of the bait.


Reposition the wires to form a V and rub the line tie of the hook with your thumbnail to expose it through the head of the bait. Make sure the tails are not twisted aroung the bend of the hook and Viola! You've got yourself a rigged tube ready to tie on and fish.


Personally, this is my favorite way to fish a tube. Unless you are fishing very heavy cover, this rig is quite weedless. But the real advantage is the exposed Gamakatsu hook! To be honest, I used to get frustrated at missed strikes and lost fish with T-rigged tubes. I all but gave up fishing the stupid things. But rigged with a Little Pek, a tube can be fished with the action it is best at, be snag-free, and still catch anything that even thinks about breathing on it! Oh, and one other real advantage, one tube will last an entire day on this rig!

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